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Vibrating screening equipment

Circular vibrating screen

     Shaped shaker is the most common type of basic shaker, can be applied to food, chemical, pharmaceutical, metal powder, paper and a variety of needs to filter grading or solid-liquid separation of the occasion.
Shinco torch circular vibrating screen to set the overall structure and function of absorbing the advanced concepts of similar equipment in Europe and America and people-oriented design goal, it is the pioneer of intelligent screening, the screening applied to an unprecedented new heights.
All equipment frame molding using a mold, ensure that the overall strength, uniform size, fit perfectly.
Discharge port design and the screen plane is flat, slag discharge more smoothly, to prevent accumulation and residues, meet FDA, GMP industry norms.
How it works:
New Section torch is centered around a circular shaker vibrating screening machine, the motor drive by the vibration, the vibration plate two counterweight. Counterweight rotating on horizontal vibration is generated to drive the material from the center towards the edge of the straight line. Lower alignment the weight generating a vertical vibration in the rotation, the drive up and down vibration material. sieve material velocity, screw size can be screened according to the desired product (dry or wet, light or heavy, thick or thin, cold or hot) Maximum treatment capacity and screening efficiency precisely set.
Product Features:
1 tool-free adustment plate vibration force intelligence agencies
Breakthrough in the industry long-term use of the pendulum design, materials screening amplitude adjustment and the time required to adjust from the previous 30 minutes down to 30 seconds. Throughout the adjustment process does not use any external tools, without dismantling the machine, greatly reducing the maintenance staff strength, reduce risk, facilitate routine inspection and maintenance.
(2) screening a wide range of materials
Regardless of the nature of the material is wet is dry, thin or thick, heavy or light, VICTORY can easily handle, even if it is 500 mesh fine particles, we have high screening efficiency.
3 single layer or multi-layer screening
Witt circular vibrating screen can install up to four layers sieve, filtering out the five different specifications of the product, less blocking network, usually generated by the equipment vibration force can make screen blockage at a lower acceptable level. However, some material has the characteristics of easy to block. For such materials, VICTORY targeted develop a variety of accessories to eliminate clogging.
4 automatic cleaning network system
a. unique automatic cleaning web has a strong self-cleaning capability and high screening efficiency .. The structure is a mesh top with a layer of normal working screen, the lower layer of coarse mesh, placed in the middle circle and the like nylon cleaning rubber ball. nylon ring and clean like rubber balls in a vertical movement of the vibration generated by the support base mesh bounce, gently tap the bottom and knocked blocking network access particulate and fiber, to ensure effective screening area.
b. equipped with automatic sprinkler system, the timing for the screen to be cleaned
5 Large capacity
In comparative tests, Witt sieve shaker in the same area (1 to 90 ft2) case, the same per square foot of material handling capacity than other types of equipment 30% larger.
6 high screening efficiency
We have a self-locking adjustment dial, plus computer analysis system to ensure that our equipment state of motion than any other screening devices more efficient.
7 long screen life
Each one will mesh sieve are pre-tensioner ring on the net, mesh lower device does not support a hard object. Therefore, in the screening process does not appear like other brands of equipment like screens and supports the beating and wear, not only to ensure uniform tension, but also greatly improved screen life.
8 smaller vibration transmission
Our equipment is usually on the ground and foundation are no special requirements, can be easily moved and placed in any place you need to use. Many users own a device fitted castors, or security at the top of the box, grid, wooden braces, plant a square top and is not suitable for installation on lightweight structures shaker. These are very low thanks to our equipment vibration transmission characteristics.
9 Economy - long life, low energy consumption, low maintenance
Simple design and fewer moving parts, to ensure the long life of the device in low maintenance. Together with an efficient design, the same processing capacity, we need a smaller drive motor. Long-life design and easy installation screen form. The user's maintenance workload to a minimum.