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Tin Solder Product Making Equipment

Anode rod casting machine

1. Technical parameters:

      The anode rod casting machine casting by hand way, the machine is simple and practical, easy to operate, repair, easy to use and low cost.
      Anode rod casting machine has an internal cavity for forming the anode rod, both sides of the cavity with circulating cooling water through, to ensure sufficient cooling rapidly. Cavity is divided into two parts, with fast clamping, you can quickly open cast removed after curing bar, at the top of the cavity has a spout for easy pour into the mold cavity molten tin. Anode rod removed from the mold cavity after partial resection need to cast to the mouth, and marked lifting screw.
3. Features:
      1 mold made of high strength tool steel, to ensure that mold durable, tin smooth surface, small deformation.
      2 simple structure, the investment cost is small.
      3 The machine is compact, simple operation, easy maintenance.