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                                                       After- sale service commitment

 Service Principle of Victory Technology International ltd.

 Victory Technology International ltd attaches great importance to after-sales service and technical support, a device from the implementation of the project, to the final submission to the client, and after the submission of machine maintenance, have very strict rules and regulations. 19 years we have been doing, not only to ensure that the work can be step-by-step in a planned way, the most important thing is assured that the interests of customers to ensure that we provide machines and services to meet the needs of customers, we improve the service is to ensure that an important part of the quality of the machine stable and reliable operation, an extension of our quality management, Shinco torch "to the manufacture of high-end equipment to protect an important manifestation of high-efficiency production purposes. Sales of machinery and equipment, the interests of customers is our first consideration, the pursuit of our service is fine, from pre-sales consulting and planning, as well as after-sales service, we are required to fine and thin, our strong R & D team, strict quality assurance and efficient after-sales service, every aspect of the meticulous arrangements, and to solve the customer a series of worries, Shinco torch always adhere to the "customer service, the customer is responsible for customer satisfaction," the purpose, adhere to the "In science and technology as the guide to the quality of the main line, to the credibility of development," the quality policy, innovative technology, innovation, technology, innovation and use of new materials, to help you to enhance the production efficiency.

1.Pre-sales consulting and professional planning:

(1)A tailor-made according to the actual needs of customers corresponding to models of machinery and equipment.
(2)Machinery and equipment research and the needs of the customers according to the special needs of customers.
(3) according to the customers site, the actual planning and layout, best design for customers production processes and programs.

2.After-sales service and information feedback:
The company has a full-service center and full-time service personnel and full-time after-sales service and technical engineers:
(1)for customers free training and technical personnel, and to achieve fully capable of operating independently.
Under the Equipment Agreement, the company may send engineers and technicians free installation and commissioning guidance, no matter how simple the device is simple for customers belong to novelty, in operating applications inevitably a little rusty, especially after the failure disassemble and replacement parts know nothing about these problems in the practical work, the technical staff of our new Branch torch seriously, patiently and carefully explain, and to demonstrate the essentials, especially for the key parts of the site of the most easy-to-wear spot repeated disassembly, customers gradually to distinguish understand the which principles and techniques to strain the general failure of future normal for parts and maintenance.
(2)Respect the facts, face reality, customers to fight the problems to be solved in the fastest parts of the replacement parts for the repair maintenance, must assume the responsibilities and costs, and strive to put the customer reduce losses to a minimum, the company strictly enforce the terms of service contract, sold the product warranty period, the warranty period of the product, the service channel is always smooth, life-long service, and strive to do: without doubt, Without fail, the service call.
(3)Fill in the after-sales service Customer Feedback form to collect customer feedback, to develop implementation plans in a timely manner, the customer feedback as an important source of improving machine performance, improve the quality of equipment. Where the machine is installed in the Service Feedback told to go. After-sales service network, often get in touch with customers, continue to guide customers to the proper maintenance and use of equipment, the prevention of the occurrence of the fault.
(4) In case of unexpected problems, the Company will according to the customer situation within 24 hours to respond and resolve and maintenance.
(5) in order to avoid economic losses caused by improper use, please be sure to use the method of operation and maintenance manuals in strict accordance with the New Branch torch machine.
(6)Detailed after-sales service is avaiable for you, you can also call the service hotline 86-85077000