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Tin Solder Product Making Equipment

Manually tin machine

1.Technical parameters:

2. Description:

      This equipment is mainly used for hand pouring tin, tin melting furnace has been melted tin tin of water pouring into the mold until the mold tin tin water cooled after curing. Manually tin machine is simple, maintenance side to make.
      The machine consists of frame, mold, from the model device composed of a cooling water tank underneath the template, the mold is cooled, to increase production and to improve the surface quality of tin.
      Use of special casting mold tool (tin pot), the melting of the solder is poured into the mold after waiting Tin-curing in the mold after sufficient cooling, using hand pressure from mold thimble, remove the tin. Scope: For a lead-free solder bar casting.
      1 mold made of high strength tool steel, to ensure that mold durable, tin smooth surface, small deformation.
      2 high production efficiency: tin cooling rate is rapid, uniform cooling.
      3 easy to operate, using pneumatic from mold, machine, compact structure, easy maintenance.