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Solder Powder Production equipment

Ultrasonic Vibratory Sieve

When the the screening encounter ultra-light or ultra-fine particles ( 200 mesh to 635 mesh ) , often can not screening,The main reason is the mesh easily blocked , causing the material can not be through the screen . Conventional methods can not effectively clean the surface of the screen , combined with ultra-fine mesh can not withstand intense cleaning action. Hereby , ultrasonic technology was brought to the

Victory ultrasonic vibrating screen adopt the  Switzerland ultrasonic generator and transducer , to ensure that the entire high-frequency system is highly efficient and stable , while providing screening efficiency as well as screen life . The external transducer structure, reducing material dust may be damage to the transducer , and also the surface temperature of the screen is maintained at normal room temperature levels . Demolition convenient , reliable sealing .

Victory ultrasonic vibrating screen to provide multi-layer mesh screened at the same time , let your particle classification easier and faster . Now widely used in ultra - fine metal powders , chemicals, pigments , cosmetics , particle fineness of the most demanding industries .